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Ivy Capital Partners, LLC (“ICP”), is a specialized private equity investment firm dedicated to investing in promising companies operating in the musculoskeletal sector of the healthcare industry. Our focus on musculoskeletal companies stems from our belief that a number of compelling macroeconomic, demographic and scientific trends bode well for the future of this large and rapidly growing sector. The aging of the worldwide population will be a leading driver of growth in the healthcare industry and the impact of this demographic shift will be most pronounced in the musculoskeletal sector. In addition, the advent of new technologies, new materials developments and improvements in the delivery of healthcare services will create attractive investment opportunities.

We are seeking to invest in healthcare companies with seasoned entrepreneurial management teams, proprietary products, innovative technologies or compelling service opportunities that have the potential for significant investment return. Within the musculoskeletal sector we are interested in investments ranging from sports medicine, joint implants, rehabilitation products and services, trauma, spine and therapeutics.

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